Almiti PRO is the optimal acaricide for effective prevention and control of citrus red spider mite in autumn

Citrus red spider mite is the main pest of citrus, its peak seasons are in spring and autumn. Especially during drought in autumn, mites are rampant, which is very harmful to the growth and yield of citrus trees.
When citrus red spiders break out, in order to avoid mites to cause a large number of citrus leaves and fruits drop in the whole orchard. We recommend growers spray Brightmart-Almiti PRO in time to control mites, and the effect of preventing and controlling red spider mites in autumn will directly affect the populations of overwintering mites and the scale of red spider mite outbreaks in next year. Almiti PRO is not affected by temperature when sprayed, with high safety and long-lasting effect.

Product features:
1. High-content Bifenazate and Etoxazole Compound Suspending Concentrate.
2. The formula was upgraded again with the addition of acaricidal anti-resistance agent, which can effectively relieve resistance to bifenazate, and kill mites more thoroughly.
3. For resistant red spider mites, within 24 hours, Almiti treated mites stop feeding, with 48-72 hours, most mites have dead.
4. Add a unique ovicidal additive agent for long-term control of mites, lasting for 30 days.
5. Not affected by temperature, high temperature and low temperature are also efficient.
6. High safety for crops with good mixing properties, and it can be used safely during flowering and young fruit.