Root-knot nematodes could be very harmful to vegetables, growers should prevent and control them asap.

Root-knot nematodes could be very harmful to vegetables, growers should prevent and control them asap.
The root-knot nematode primarily affects the formation of root knots in vegetable roots. As the root tissue is damaged, the ability to absorb nutrients decreases, and above-ground plants often show symptoms of malnutrition, stunted growth, yellowing or wilting leaves, resembling symptoms of nutrient deficiency. In severe cases, it can even cause crop failure.
It's worth noting that since the vegetable root-knot nematode harm the root system in the underground, the initial symptoms are not obvious. When typical symptoms appear, the damage is already quite serious, and the key period for prevention and control has been missed. Therefore, controlling the damage caused by root-knot nematodes in vegetables should focus on the entire growth period of crops and create a cultivation environment that is unfavorable for nematode reproduction.
It is strongly recommended that vegetable growers apply Shiwendo (40-60 bags/ha) during land preparation to control nematodes, reduce their base number, inhibit nematode reproduction, and reduce damage caused by nematodes. During the growth period of crop, Nematix (800-1500 times dilution) can be applied for root irrigation or water flush, drip irrigation.
Shiwendo (Fosthiazate 7.6% + Oligosaccharins 1.4% GR)
Nematix (Fosthiazate 5% + Oligosaccharins 1% EW)
Product Features:
1. Excellent material selection: oligosaccharins uses deep-sea organisms from the Arctic Circle as its raw material and the active ingredient of fosthiazate are imported form international famous brand, which have high purity and stable quality.
2. Stable and long-lasting effect, it takes effect quickly, and can kill both adults and eggs.
3. High safety and no resistant, it can efficiently control nematodes, underground pests, and various soil-borne diseases.
4. Improve crop growth, repair root wound, promote rooting, improve crop quality, and increases yield and income.
From the trial results, we can clearly see that after application of Nematix, the vegetables that were previously not growing well began to recover quickly, the number of nematodes decreased significantly. These show that Nematix is very effective in controlling root-knot nematodes on vegetables.

Trial results
Crop: Flowering cabbage 
Usage: Root irrigation with 1500 dilution of Nematix
 CK group                      Treatment group