Small snails, big harm. Beware of snails during the rainy season to protect cucurbits and vegetables.

Snails in the field are small in size and slow in movement. They seem harmless, but in reality, they are highly damaging pests. They like to climb on vegetable leaves and fruit trees and eat the leaves and fruit, causing concave pits on the surface of the fruit and missing sections on the leaves. The slime secreted by snails not only contaminates the fruit but also easily induces various diseases such as soft rot and wilt, causing leaf rot and fruit decay.
In the rainy season, the humidity in the fields increases. This is the favorite environment for snails. After rain, snails, slugs, and other mollusks often appear in groups, harming various cucurbits, fruit trees, and vegetables, reducing crop quality and yield.

As May approaches, it is the peak season for snails to feed. The urgent task is to do a good job in snail prevention and control. So, how to prevent and control these pests that secrete mucus and reduce their damage to crops?
It is recommended that growers spread 6~9kg/ha of Youda evenly in fruit trees, leafy vegetables, and rice fields. For fruit trees, the granules of Youda can also be glued to the back of transparent adhesive tape and bound to the trunk to form protection belt, preventing snails from climbing up the tree and damaging leaves and fruit.
Youda (Metaldehyde 6% GR)
Product Features:
1. The granules are solid and not easily dispersed when exposed to water, providing long-lasting efficacy.
2. All granules are carefully selected, ensuring the efficacy of the product.
3. The product contains an aromatic attractant agent that strongly induces mollusk such as snails to feed.
Youda contains an aromatic attractant agents and has a strong contact-killing and stomach-poisoning action. After snails are attracted to feed on the product, snails will lose water and die, it can effectively prevent them from climbing up the trees and causing damage.
If the prevention is not in time and snails have already caused damage to the leaves and fruits, Yolida can be applied for foliar spraying to kill snails.
Yolida (Metaldehyde 80% WP)
Product Features:
1. The high-purity ingredient active of metaldehyde has a quick-acting effect on snails.
2. The product has a strong stomach-poisoning and contact-killing effect, causing snails to lose water and die.
3. Foliar spraying is more comprehensive and effective for controlling snails on leaf surfaces and other parts.

Trial Results:
Crop: Citrus
Dosage: 1000 times dilution of Yolida
Target: Snails

20 minutes after application, all the snails died.