It is expected that cotton thrips, aphids, and other pests will be prevalent this year. Have you considered countermeasures?

Based on the climatic characteristics of spring 2023, it is expected that cotton thrips, aphids, and stinkbugs will be prevalent this year. Growers are advised to strengthen the management of the above-mentioned pests, prevent and control them in the early stage, and enhance cotton nutrition regulation to ensure healthy growth.
Brightmart Cropscience recommends using Lynndow® (Thiamethoxam 70% WG) at a rate of 450g/ha for drip irrigation or by diluting Lynndow 4000-5000 times for foliar spraying to prevent cotton thrips, cotton aphids, and other pests. During the seedling stage, apply Generli® (NAA 0.1% SL) at a rate of 100-150L/ha for drip irrigation to help the cotton roots grow steadily and improve cotton quality.
Lynndow (Thiamethoxam 70% WG)
Product Features:
1. With a broad spectrum of insecticidal activity, Lynndow is highly efficient in controlling small insects such as thrips, pear psyllids, aphids, and scale insects. It exhibits both contact killing and stomach poisoning action.
2. Lynndow has good water solubility and strong systemic ability, allowing it to quickly spread to all parts of the plant, better control hidden small insects, and have a long-lasting effect.
3. It can stimulate crop growth, promote root and seedling development, and enhance crop resistance.
Generli (Naphthyl acetic acid SL)
Product Features:
1. Natural seaweed essence has been added to Lynndow to effectively promote the utilization rate of nutrients and soil microbial activity, resulting in improved crop yield and quality.
2. Lynndow helps the seedlings to recover growth quickly, with a dense root system and thick stems, and effectively enhances crop resistance.
3. The ocean-active substances in Lynndow can be more effectively utilized and absorbed by crops in the form of organic chelates, increasing chlorophyll content and enhancing photosynthesis. This is conducive to increasing organic matter content and improving fresh weight.
Trial results
Crop: Cotton
Usage:  100/ha for drip irrigation
After applying Generli, the root system of cotton seedlings grows faster, with strong main roots and more fibrous roots.