A guide for growers: How to protect crops from freezing temperature?

In the cold weather, people can add more clothes to keep warm, and growers can also add some protective measures to the crops. Brightmart-Frusome can protect crops from cold and increase yields.
Brightmart-Frusome contains natural brassinolide (14-hydroxylated brassinolide) and Diethyl aminoethyl hexanoate. Natural brassinolide is prepared from pollen, extracted, separated and purified by enzymatic hydrolysis extraction technology with higher activity.

Product features:

1. Improve crop cold resistance and stress resistance
Frusome has the function of inducing resistance, producing more defensive enzymes, improving immunity, and enhancing stress resistance. It has been proved that the use of Frusome has higher crop stress resistance and can reduce frost damage in cold and low temperature environment.

2. Increase crop pollination, plump grain.
Frusome can improve plant photosynthetic rate, improve peroxidase and nitrate reductase activities, promote crop carbon and nitrogen metabolism, enhance plant absorption of water and fertilizer and dry matter accumulation, effectively promote crop pollination, accelerate the absorption of crop fertilizer, promoting firmness and fullness of grains.

3. Promote flowering and protect flowers, protect and strengthen fruits
Frusome can regulate hormone balance in plants, promote flower bud differentiation, protect flowers and prevent falling fruit.

Recommended usage and dosage:

Prevention of cold wave: dilute 3500~4000 times mixed with amino acid water soluble fertilizer, spray stems and leaves.

Treatment of freezing damage: dilute 3500~4000 times mixed with seaweed fertilizer, spray stems and leaves.