A Gas Chlorinator is a device used for purification

by:BrightMart     2020-07-19
Without the gas chlorination accessories, the working of the chlorinator is impossible. Auxiliary Container Valve, an added valve to the existing container valve and is mounted with the help of a yoke. It removes the possibility of leakage from the damaged container valve & the chance of gas or liquid chlorine back flowing while the container is being changed. The yoke is very powerful in construction and offers positive fixing of the auxiliary container valve or flexible copper connector with the chlorine container. Next is the Flexible Copper Connector which is used with Cylinder, Tonner, Header and chlorinator to bring in the connection. This connector comes along with a standard length of 1.5 meters with end fittings suitable for ton container valve. The silver brazing of end connectors offer a long corrosion free service. Then it is the Pressure Reducing Valve. The container pressure of chlorine varies between 8 to 10 kg/cm2, which are very high. Hence a Pressure-Reducing Valve is used in the system. It reduces the pressure of chlorine to approximately 2 kg/cm2. The pressure-regulating valve is spring loaded with PTFE diaphragm. This valve prevents the reliquification in the system. Electrically heated vaporizer is a device for used for supplying a thermally volatile substance in which housing is formed with a linear open-ended, open top guide channel extending across the upper portion thereof. A window is formed in the floor of the channel and a heater is disposed below the window, giving support to the person impregnated with the volatile substance. A grid spans the open top of the guide channel above the window in juxtaposition therewith and allows release of the substance, e.g. an insecticide, while a skid or runner-shaped element carried by said grid presses the member against the heater.
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