Alternating sunny and rainy days, beware of aphids.

Aphids are a type of phytophagous insect, and there are about 4,400 species in 10 families. About 250 of them are serious pests for agriculture, forestry, and horticulture, making aphids one of the most destructive pests on Earth.

The harm caused by aphids can be direct or indirect. Direct harm is caused by adult aphids piercing and sucking plant sap, resulting in leaf curling, stem twisting, and necrosis of the growing point, leading to reduced yields. Indirect harm refers to the fact that aphids can spread various virus diseases while directly causing harm, resulting in slow plant growth, yellowing, and deformation of leaves, causing more severe harm.
The optimal temperature for aphid growth is 20-25°C, and the relative humidity is 80%. Recently, the weather has been alternating between sunny and rainy days, and the rising temperatures is favorable for the occurrence of aphids. Therefore, seizing the opportunity to prevent and control on sunny day after rain is the most effective way.

Insufficient awareness of prevention and control measures or the use of incorrect methods can lead to a large-scale outbreak of aphids and reduce crop yields. Long-term use of chemically synthesized insecticides with a single active ingredient can also increase aphid resistance and further increase the difficulty of prevention and control.
We recommend using Kisby®, which fully utilizes different insecticidal mode of action to efficiently kill piercing-sucking insects while delaying the development of resistance.
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Kisby (Pyriproxyfen 5% + Thiamethoxam 15%)

Product Features:
1. Effectively kill eggs and inhibit oviposition. The earlier it is used, the fewer pests there will be. It has a good control effect on aphids, whiteflies, thrips, and other small insects.
2. Added synergist agent with stronger penetration and permeability, it can better penetrate the wax layer and eggshell of pests.
3. High safety and suitable for applying during the flowering stage and tender shoot stage.
The combination of long-lasting and safety pymetrozine and highly effective systemic thiamethoxam makes Kisby® excellent effect for pest control. The addition of synergist agent greatly improves its penetration and permeability, making it difficult for hidden and stubborn small pests to escape.

Recommended Techniques:




Fruit trees

Coccid, Phylloxera, Aphid, Whitefly, Thrip

Dilute 1000-1500 times with water for foliar spray

Cash crop

Aphid, Whitefly, Thrip

Dilute 750-1000 times with water for foliar spray