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by:BrightMart     2020-06-27
Suspend SC may be exactly what you are looking for. The Suspend insecticide has both indoor and outdoor use, and is effective in killing a variety of pests. What bugs are you dealing with? If several of them are on this list, Suspend SC may be the perfect product for you. Outdoors Suspend SC is used on the exterior of homes, and can be applied to all surfaces. You should apply Suspend insecticide with a 6 to 10 feet radius from your house, and long the walls of the home up 2 or 3 feet for maximum effectiveness. Spray the insecticide evenly and be sure to coat all surfaces with a uniform spray, avoiding drips and excess run-off. You may also want to use Suspend SC to treat anthills. Instead of spraying anthills, as you do with other treatment areas, you should apply the insecticide as a drench. Spraying will upset the anthill and cause ants to flee before they are affected. Subsequently, they will only relocate rather than be eradicated. Sprinkle the Suspend and water mixture over the mound, leaving about a 2-foot diameter of insecticide. This method is most effective in cool temperatures, so it is recommended to treat hills in the early morning or late evening. Indoors To use Suspend SC in your home, be sure to clear the area of all pets and children. Also, ensure the product has dried before children or pets re-enter the area. You can spray the suspend insecticide as often as every 21 days, or as needed. Apply the insecticide directly to affected areas. This is most likely crawl spaces, dark corners, along baseboards, and beneath and around appliances. It is also recommended to spray walls, storage spaces, and shelving units.
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