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by:BrightMart     2020-05-29
MONZI has married this new technology to the brand name quality performance that has been the driving force behind all LEAF DEFIER materials. As a result the LEAF DEFIER XL product has all the benefits of the Leaf Defier materials with the added long-term durability of the enhanced polymer's physical characteristics. With the 'extreme defiance coating' this new multi-polymer material provides the state of the art protection you expect from Leaf Defier and the improved benefit of a higher density and physically tougher insert product. In addition the material is also protected with the state of the art Biocide, Fungicide and UV Stabilizer additives that are the backbone of the Leaf Defier brand name. With this new LEAF DEFIER-XL product, the customer benefits from the increased strength, durability and flow rate, while retaining all the product endurance advantages of the Leaf Defier brand materials. The improved physical characteristics of LEAF DEFIER XL base polymer will ease the installation process due to the inherent toughness of the material and the improved hand or 'feel' of the product. As a result the resistance to tear split or breakage during installation will be increased, yet the LEAF DEFIER-XL also meets the performance that is expected on the Methenamine Pill Test Fire Performance as per the ASTM standard for the urethane industry. This material is custom engineered by Monzi Inc., to once again bring an innovative and step-out technology to the gutter protection systems market. This new product innovation will meet or exceed the requirements of almost any gutter insert application. The New Dimension Industries approach to manufacturing, in collaboration with Monzi Inc. marketing has developed the product that all gutter filtration and protection dealers will welcome as part of their product portfolio. Here is an opportunity to buy 'new innovative' gutter filtration products, direct from the manufacturer (New Dimension Industries) through the winning sales and marketing team at Monzi, Inc.
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