Beetliss has an excellent effect on controlling flea beetles

As temperature gradually rises, pests increase, and flea beetles are one of the troublesome pests, a global agricultural pest. Flea beetles belong to the class Coleoptera, family Chrysomelidae. They are commonly known as dog fleas, flea beetles, soil fleas, yellow fleas, etc. They are widely distributed in vegetable planting areas and mainly harm cruciferous vegetables such as radish, cabbage, mustard, flowering cabbage, and kale. The adults damage the leaves of plants by biting them into small round holes, causing not only a direct reduction in vegetable yield but also a serious impact on the quality and price of leafy vegetables.
Why is it so difficult to prevent and control flea beetles? There are several reasons:
1. Feigning death: When startled, adults will jump off the leaves and fall to the ground, where they will briefly play dead. Once they feel safe, they will resume eating and sucking, this making control more difficult.
2. Strong athletic ability: The enlarged hind leg joints of flea beetles make them excellent jumpers, hence their name. They are highly sensitive to chemical agents, and even slight sprays of pesticides can cause them to immediately sense danger and jump to the ground or burrow into the soil to avoid it, which greatly hinders control efforts.
3. Strong resistance: As cruciferous vegetables are repeatedly planted and excessive amounts of chemical agents are used, flea beetles have developed strong resistance, especially with frequent use of the same type of pesticide, which accelerates the development of pesticide resistance.
4. Difficulty in pesticide application: Flea beetles mate and lay eggs in the soil, and the hatched larvae feed on roots while adults feed on leaves. This makes pesticide application more difficult, and growers usually either spray or drip at the roots in order to save on labor and pesticide costs, making control effects difficult to achieve thoroughly.
Beetliss (Acetamiprid 10% + Pyridaben 10% ME)
Product features:
1. Added special additive agents to increase the penetration of Beetliss, so the solution can completely penetrate the shell of flea beetles and directly kill flea beetles.
2. Super strong adhesion and extension of strength, when flea beetles feed and crawl, they come into contact with the insecticide solution and absorb it into the body, with long-lasting, stable and reliable efficacy.
3. Strong contact-killing ability and quick-acting, it can quickly kill flea beetles, and take effect quickly after spraying Beetliss.
4. The product is very safety, no residue, ease of use.
Application technique:
1. It is best to spray the product during times of low flea beetle activity, such as in the morning or evening.
2. When applying, start by spraying the surrounding first, moving from the outside to the inside to prevent flea beetles from escaping.
Trial results:
Crop: Leafy vegetables
Dosage: 1500 times dilution
Target: Flea beetles
Before application:
1 days after application: