Best way to control wild oat fruit in winter

From emergence to the three-leaf stage of winter wheats, some in the tillering stage, and the overall growth of wheat seedlings is relatively good, and there are also "frequent visitors"—wild oat fruit grows in large quantities with the wheats.

It is well known that wild oat fruit is good at hiding in wheat fields with its appearance similar to wheat. It not only competes with wheat for resources and reproduces quickly, but also makes wheat easy to lodging with its thin and soft stalks, resulting in yield reduction. If the prevention and control of wheat is later, the loss will be bigger.

The best time to spray herbicide is before winter wheat overwintering and after the weeds are all come out. At this time, the wild oat fruit is young and highly sensitive to herbicide.
It is recommended that growers seize the best opportunity to control wild oat fruit before winter, and spray BrightMart-Blade (MCPA-isooctyl 42.61%+Florasulam 0.39% SE) for prevention and control, to reduce the damage of weeds, and prepare for a good harvest.

Product features:

It is highly effective for Aegilops tauschii, Bromus and wild oat fruit.

Add safety agent with higher safety level.

Special antifreeze formula, low temperature resistance.

Easier to mix with other herbicides, it can be mixed with Clodinafop-propargyl or Isoproturon for the prevention and control of Beckmannia syzigachne, Lolium multiflorum, Alopecurus aequalis, etc.

Recommended usage techniques:

Recommended dosage: 
Dilute 100ml of Blade with 15L of water

Recommended application:

From 3 leaves and 1 central leaf, before jointing stage of wheat.

Avoid spraying in rainy weather to ensure safety.

It is forbidden to spray during the flowering period of wheat.