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'Blade'provides super effective and resistance control of broad-leaf weeds on wheat field

'Blade'provides super effective and resistance control of broad-leaf weeds on wheat field


Due to successive years of Tribenuron methyl application at the winter wheat growing areas such as North China Plain and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Resistance of broad-leaf weeds has been enhanced, especially weeds like Descurainia Sophia, Capsella, Bedstraw, Malachium aquaticum, resulting in severe production reduction in wheat. Therefore, farmers urgently require effective solutions.

                   Descurainia Sophia 

              Malachium aquaticum  



After numerous experiments in multiple regions for successive years, BrightMart CropScience developed a professional, effective and safe broad-leaf herbicide ‘Blade’ to control resistant broad-leaf weeds for winter wheat fields.


1.     Broad-spectrum and super effective:

Mixture formulation improves killing results. Meanwhile, it provides broad-spectrum and excellent control on broad-leaf weeds during wheat seedlings stage. (less than 5 cm in height)

2.     Safety:

It is suitable for all varieties of wheat in different wheat growing areas in China, and there is no phytotoxicity caused by residual for succeeding crops.

3.     High resistance to low temperatures:

The product is added with antifreeze elements, resulting in maintaining good activity when the temperature is above 5 °C.

4.     High penetration and adhesion ability:

Adding special penetrant, ‘Blade’ penetrate wax layer on surface of leaves to promote absorption and conduction. Eventually it brings a thorough control of weeds.

5.     Excellent compatibility:

‘Blade’ can be mixed with various wheat herbicides, such as Carfentrazone-ethyl, Fluroxypyr, etc., particularly mixed with herbicides for controlling grass weed, to achieve complete control on both grass weeds and broad-leaf weeds.



Application period: The best effect is to spray before wheat with 3 leaves or before jointing. Spray during wheat greening stage in early Spring and temperature rises above 15 °C meanwhile broad-weeds have 2-4 leaves.



1.     ‘Blade’ is recommended to use together with ‘Bright-fluro’(Fluroxypyr) for prevention and control of aged broadleaf weeds. For resistant weeds control such as Veronica didyma Tenore, it is recommended to use with Carfentrazone-ethyl.

2.     The suitable temperature for application is 10-25 °C and pay attention to avoid low temperature. It is forbidden to apply 3 days before cold air current coming. Besides, to apply when the temperature is lower than 5 °C is not recommended as well.

3.     Avoid drifting to broad-leaf crop fields nearby when application.


Effect Presentation of ‘Blade’:

1.     23 days after application of ‘Blade’, weeds wilted and died.

2.  32days after application of ‘Blade’ with ‘Bright-meso’, wheat grows better without weeds.

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