Brief introduction of BrightMart
Established in 2000, during the past two decades, BrightMart CropScience has dedicated developing on innovative, low toxicity, environmental-friendly Crop-Protection products to better serve our growers. Today, BrightMart has become the TOP 20 Crop-Protection developer and manufacturer in China. We have a comprehensive product line, including Insecticide, Fungicide, Herbicide, Nematicide, PGR, and Crop nutrition. We constantly implanting our newest innovative technology into our products to meet the demands of global markets.

Under good market environment, BrightMart enjoys a rapid development for the business of selective herbicide. BrightMart's molluscide series include multiple types. The product works stably under harsh conditions. Its mechanical parts, treated under different corrosive medium, can operate stably in acid-base and mechanical oil environment. This product can be stored at a normal temperature. Users will appreciate the comfort and ease of use of this product. It will increase the warmth and comfort of the user's sleeping environment. It can be packaged in various forms including sprays, gels, and baits.

With lofty vision, our company will maintain improving in creating ornamental pesticide.
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