Can't get rid of goosegrass herb? Using the right herbicide is key

During the hot and rainy season, all kinds of weeds (especially goosegrass herb) grow well and have a significant impact on fruit tree growth. The growers missed spring weeding should promptly and safely conduct weed control in orchards. For chemical weed control, herbicides with high safety coefficients, quick efficacy, good stability, and long persistence can be used.
For areas where weed resistance is strong due to frequent use of herbicides containing glyphosate or glufosinate-ammonium, it is recommended that growers choose Brightmart’s Juqida for preventing and controlling weeds.
Juqida (Glufosinate-ammonium 60% + Flumioxazin 6% WP)
This herbicide has the advantages of both contact killing and systemic herbicidal effects, a wide spectrum of weed control, complete and non-regrowth of weeds, and is a well-regarded product for protecting crops from weed damage.
Product features:
1. Dual-action formulation for a wide spectrum of weed control;
2. Stable efficacy in low temperatures;
3. Not limited to light conditions, with guaranteed efficacy on cloudy and rainy days;
4. Dual-contact and systemic action for comprehensive and thorough weed control.
Application techniques:
1. Dilute 25g of this product with 15L water, and spray evenly and directionally. The efficacy is more thorough with sufficient sunlight.
2. The best efficacy is achieved when the soil surface is moist but there is no surface water and when there is sufficient sunlight. It is recommended to spray the leaves of weeds from the time when the dew on the leaves disappears in the morning until noon, and from the time when the temperature drops in the evening until dark.
3. Avoid using the herbicide during hot afternoons in the summer. When there is a lot of dust on the surface of the weeds, it is recommended to first rinse them with water before spraying.
Trial Results:
Dosage: 600 times dilution
Target: Goosegrass herb
Before                      15 days after application
Before                      15 days after application
Before                      15 days after application
Before                      15 days after application