Candida albicans yeast grows more rapidly when

by:BrightMart     2020-06-09
Killing yeast infections with plant based fungicides such as grapefruit seed extract is very good and many people are doing it. But what foods will get rid of yeast infection in the mouth and tummy? Well, before we answer that, you should learn how to enforce your immune system to fight against this infection naturally. If you have this infection, then I would advise that you try to eat abundant fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Yeast infections usually result from a weakened immune system so taking plant extracts of echinacea/ astragalus/ and siberian ginseng can support you immune defenses make sure that they are of good quality To kill yeast once you have an infection, try plant based fungicides such as grapefruit seed extract and herbal teas including 'mate tea' taking supplements of acidophilus and eating yogurt with live cultures (plain unsweetened 1%) will help to restore the good bacteria in your intestine, tummy or mouth. To avoid repeated reinfections, make sure you wash your underwear /stockings/ towels in hot water 140 F to kill the yeast cells. Also make sure you ware cotton underwear (synthetics make you sweat more and the extra moisture provides a good growing conditions for yeast) Toothbrushes are frequent sources of transmission and reinfections at least mouth yeast infections. So make sure change your toothbrush every four weeks and more during infections. Use a soap free washing lotion to prevent injury to the skin's protective acid coating/ be sure to dry your skin very thoroughly after washing. The reason for all of these precautions is that once you have it on one place you can spread to other places of your body. NOTE: Grapefruit seed extract is a highly effective antibiotic and fungicide. It kills candida yeast without harming natural intestinal flora. You can get this in capsule form at some pharmacies and health foods stores.
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