Careful preparation of your lawn in the Spring

by:BrightMart     2020-05-19
Aerate you lawn. There are few things that help a lawn more than aerating it. Make sure you aerate after the lawn has started actively growing again. Warm season grasses enter a dormant stage during cold weather, and cool season grasses restrict their growth during long, harsh winters.) Top dress using a light fertilizer or topsoil after aerating, or after mowing the lawn a little shorter than usual. Problematic lawns often have a difficult time naturally building organic matter. Feeding your lawn in the Spring with half an inch of compost is a good solution to this dilemma. Put down summer weed preemergence herbicide. Before it heats up is the right time to do this. Most preemergence herbicides will work for three or four months. It is imperative you apply the herbicide before weeds begin to grow, hence the preventative nature of the product. If you use a granular herbicide, make sure to water the lawn well so that the herbicide will break down and become active. Organic gardeners can use corn gluten meal as a pre emergence herbicide. Overseed areas that have been damaged during the winter. Cut the affected area down to a short length before you apply half an inch of light topsoil and overseed. Feed the seed water consistently until it roots and do not traverse across the lawn for any reasons. De-thatch by aerating or using a verticutter. More than an inch of thatch provides homes with too many detrimental critters and diseases. Use a power de-thatcher when dealing with thatch more than an inch. Also, it is generally a good idea to fertilize your lawn after de-thatching. Spring lawn maintenance activities will give your lawn a jump start for healthy growth the rest of the growing season.
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