Did you know that utilizing a commercial pest

by:BrightMart     2020-06-14
What types of pests are we talking about? There are several, actually. One of the most well-known pests that can cause damage to buildings is the termite. Most individuals already know that these pests can destroy interior wooden structures in no time at all. Once this damage is accomplished, the only remedy is to replace the wooden structures which can cost a lot of money even in minor infestation cases. To repair the damaged wood, contractors often have to remove sheet rock, wiring, plumbing and other then replace those components. Commercial pest control can stop termites in their tracks, thus saving the business owner or property owner an enormous amount of money. Rats and mice are other pests that can cause major damage to a building. These pests will often nest in between walls, in cellars and attics and damage whatever they encounter in those areas. One of the most dangerous acts that rats and mice do is gnaw into electrical wiring. It has been estimated that rats and mice cause as many as 50,000 fires each year when they eat into electrical insulation which then sparks and causes a fire. Because these rodents are mostly nocturnal, many of these fires take place at night when no one is around to alert the fire department. Again, commercial pest control services can eliminate rats and mice from structures. Business owners already understand that bees and wasps can sting employees and customers, and no business owner wants that to happen. An employee or customer who may be allergic to these types of stings can become serious ill or even die from anaphylactic shock within minutes of a sting if that person is not treated by medical personnel immediately. But bees can also cause extensive damage if they decide to build their hive between exterior walls and interior walls. This type of building hive can be extensive, housing thousands of bees at one time. While this type of bee hive is more common in older buildings, they can be formed in virtually any building where access into the structure is available. Lastly, some business owners may notice that they have a problem with burrowing rodents such as gophers. Gophers are notorious for tunneling underground and can weaken the surface of the ground to such an extent that people or animals can actually fall through the surface if they happen to walk onto one of these areas. These rodents can also damage underground wiring and piping which can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair costs. In all of the above situations, the use of a professional commercial pest control service can prevent pests from getting a foothold. Elimination of pests before they have the chance to cause damage is the best preventive measure that business owners can take.
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