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'Dignivity', excellent insecticide for controlling leaf miner.

'Dignivity', excellent insecticide for controlling leaf miner.


Leaf miner is Diptera Agromyzidae pest. Leaf miner larvae feed on the inside of leaves after hatching, which causes a white, irregular and tortuous trajectory on leaves of plants.


 Leaf miner adult


 Leaf miner larve

Leaf miner mainly damages more than 110 plants in 22 families, including melon crops, eggplant crops, bean crops like cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, etc.

Beans, cucumbers, eggplants and other crops damaged by leaf miner usually get a 100% probability of infected plants, and damage rate of leaves is about 70%. The yield loss is generally around 10%-30%. What’s worse, yield reduction may up to more than 50%, and even caused to no harvest at all.

Both leaf miner larvae and adults can be harmful to crops, especially for tender leaves. When there is a numerous number of leaf miner, more feeding trajectories are caused on leaves, causing leaves to yellow, scorch or falling off in a short time. After leaf miner adults lancing the leaf epidermis, they lay eggs and feed on the inside of leaves, forming a coarser spawning point and feeding point. It brings water loss to leaves, and also affects normal plants photosynthesis. Eventually, economic value of plant declines due to its terrible appearance caused by leaf miner.

                   Plant damaged by leaf miner adults

                            Plant damaged by leaf miner  larve

Leaf miner larvae feed on the inside of leaves, therefore, usual insecticides are difficult to kill leaf miner directly by contact toxicity. However, BrightMart CropScience provides an innovative insecticide 'Dignivity' with super stomach toxicity, contact toxicity and permeability. After application 'Dignivity' can quickly penetrates into plant leaves to provide strong lethal effect on leaf miner eggs, larvae, pupa and adults.

Features of 'Dignivity':

1. Super high efficient on controlling leaf miner.

2. Attack leaf miner at all stages.

3. confronted with resistance leaf miner to insecticide.

4. Easy to be applied due to its high dispersity and solubility.

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