Do these steps well, apples are sweet and bright

During critical period for apple coloring, how should apple growers carry out the management? How to lift up fruit quality? Let's briefly talk about several key factors that affect the coloring and sweetening of apples.

1. Sunlight
Sunlight is one of the important factors affecting fruit coloring. When the planting density of fruit trees in orchards is too high, which seriously affects the ventilation and sunlight transmission of the fruit trees, so that the fruits cannot get sufficient sunlight, especially the inner part, resulting in color difference of the fruits.

2. Water Supply
Sufficient water supply is an important ecological factor to promote apple coloring. During the apple coloring stage, in case of severe weather with drought and no rain, the water supply is not replenished in time, and the low humidity in the orchard makes the apple coloring poor.

3. Nutrients
The demand for P(phosphorus) and K(potassium) fertilizer in apple coloring stage is higher, if a large amount of N(nitrogen) fertilizer is applied during this period, it is not conducive to the coloring of apples.

Plant endogenous hormones
Excessive gibberellin will inhibit the degradation of chlorophyll, which in turn inhibits anthocyanin synthesis, resulting in resulting in poor coloring.

In conclusion, the management of apple coloring stage can be achieved through reasonable dense planting, pruning to enhance the ventilation and light transmission between trees, so as to achieve the purpose of enhancing sunlight, sweetness and coloring. Keep sufficient water supply in apple coloring stage, improve the orchard humidity, add high-content P(phosphorus) and K(potassium) fertilizers to better help fruit coloring and sweetening.
Choose the sweetening and coloring plant growth regularo -BrightMart Frusome, to adjust the balance of plant endogenous hormones, coordinate the growth and development of plants, the relationship between plants and external conditions, promote anthocyanin synthesis, promote apple coloring.

Recommended application techniques
Foliar spray should be applied 30-40 days before apple picking, dilute 200ml of Frusome to 10L of water, and spray 2-3 times in continuously, with an interval of about 15 days between each time.