Don't worry about killing spider mites on flowers, just follow us

Red spider mites are common pest on flowers, which often gather on the back of flowers, they spin silks and weave webs to harm flowers. Due to the small size, it is difficult to find out with naked eye in the early stage, and flowers have been badly damaged when red spider mites are found.

In general, red spider mites start to cause damage from March to April every year, especially in June to July. In November, they begin to overwinter with eggs or female adult mites (in windless and warm weather, they can still come out to feed). When the temperature rises up in the next spring and the plants begin to germinate and grow, they will start to harm again.

In winter, we can take the following measures to reduce the number of red spider mites for next year.
1. Remove dead leaves, fallen leaves and weeds in overwintering place, eliminate overwintering female adult mites, eggs, and reduce the population of red spider mites.
2. Choose high efficiency and strong extensibility acaricide to kill overwintering eggs or adult mites, that can effectively reduce the number of red spider mites.

Product features:
1. High-content bifenazate and etoxazole compound suspension concentrate.
2. The formula was upgraded again with the addition of acaricidal anti-resistance agent, which can effectively relieve resistance to bifenazate, and kill mites more thoroughly.
3. For resistance red spider mites, 24 hours after spraying Almiti PRO, they stop feeding, and within 48-72 hours, most of red spider mites are dead.
4. Add a unique ovicidal additive agent for long-term control of mites, lasting for 30 days.
5. Not affected by temperature, high temperature and low temperature are also high efficiency to red spider mites.
6. High safety for crops with good mixing properties, and it can be used safely during flowering and young fruit stage.

Almiti PRO has high content of active ingredient to ensure higher purity and stronger activity. By matching with the synergistic system formula, it can pass through the dorsal seta of harmful mites faster and directly to the viscera of harmful mites, and killing red spider mites more thoroughly.

Recommended usage and dosage
Spray with 3000-4000 times dilution of the product.


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