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‘Duofu pro’, nematicide provides excellent effect in rainy day.

‘Duofu pro’, nematicide provides excellent effect in rainy day.


When temperature rises on rainy days, damage of root nematodes is aggravated, Nematodes make root growth weakly. But rainy days are good opportunities for eliminating nematodes.

BrightMart developed a water soluble granule nematicide ‘Duofu’ according to rainy weather against nematodes occurrence.

As temperature rises, number of nematodes increases rapidly, and nematodes spreads quickly. It is recommended to apply with nematicide ‘Duofu’ to control nematodes. It can effectively promote roots differentiation and ensure healthy growth of roots.


Features of nematicide ‘Duofu pro’:

Water-soluble granules infiltrate into roots under soil with rainwater, which can quickly kill root nematodes. It is simple and convenient to apply, and farmers don’t need to water spray and flush.

Strong systemic activity and conductivity, can effectively prevent nematodes from invading plants and kill nematodes that invaded plants. At the same time, it is rich in marine extracts, providing super effect to control nematodes and recovery to crops growth.

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