During the growth period of tobacco, be cautious of nematodes

During tobacco cultivation, pest and disease infestations are unavoidable. If effective control measures are not taken in time once pest and disease infestations occur, they will result in reduced income from tobacco cultivation. Therefore, experienced growers will plow the tobacco fields before planting to reduce the chance of pest and disease infestations by tedding the eggs of nematodes in the soil. Throughout the entire growth process of the tobacco, pesticides should be sprayed timely to control the spread of pests and diseases.
When the tobacco plant enters the flourishing growth stage, in order to ensure good growth of tobacco, growers should not only manage water and fertilizer, but also pay close attention to the prevention and control of root-knot nematode.

Tobacco infested by nematodes(above ground)       Tobacco infested by nematodes (underground)
Root-knot nematodes not only directly damage tobacco plants, causing them to wilt, turn yellow, and even die, but also induce other diseases, such as black shank, bacterial wilt, black rot, and root rot, causing mixed infections and seriously affecting the yield and quality of tobacco leaves.
In order to provide a better growth environment for tobacco plants, growers are recommended to use Nemava — a nematicide and insecticide that contains two highly effective active ingredients. It can kill both underground pests and nematodes, and protect the healthy and flourishing growth of tobacco plants.

Nemava (Thiamethoxam 2% + Fosthiazate 10% GR)
Product Features:
1. Targeting both nematodes and underground pests, suitable for most crops.
2. Added high-efficiency additive agents, and stable quality: Nemava contains a special anti-degradation agent that inhibits the decomposition of fosthiazate, ensuring stable quality within the validity period.
3. The unique slow-release technology to continuously exert the pesticide effect, and protect crop roots from damage for a long period.
4. When apply Nemava during the seedling stage of crops, it can strengthen seedlings, promote growth, and comprehensively protect the healthy growth of crop seedlings.
5. Two effective ingredients are perfectly integrated to kill both nematodes and underground pests: Fosthiazate can effectively kill root-knot nematodes, cyst nematodes, root-rot nematodes, combined with thiamethoxam to prevent grubs, mole crickets, cutworms, wireworms and other underground pests also early leaf sucking pests, Nemava provides all-round protection to the root system of crops, and has better prevention and control effect.
Recommended usage and dosage:
Spread 50kg/ha or furrow application (covered with soil).