During the high-incidence period of cabbage worms, spray Fulite in time

When talking about cabbage worms, many pictures of leafy vegetables being destroyed by cabbage worms will always flash in the grower's mind, leaves were eaten up with full of holes, only stems or petioles remain. all leaves are covered with the feces of cabbage worms, the yield and quality of vegetables were greatly reduced.

During the high incidence of cabbage worms, we strongly recommend a high-efficiency insecticide-Fulite to growers.

Fulite (Abamectin-aminomethyl 2.6% + Lufenuron 5%) SC

Product features:

1. Effective in killing adult pests and eggs, long-term control effect.

2. Add transdermal agent to improve the quick-acting effect, quickly penetrate into pests, kill cabbage worms faster and more thoroughly.

3. High safety, suitable for all growth period.

Field Trails
Crop: Cabbage
Pest: cabbage worms
Dosage: 1000 times dilution

Before: many cabbage worms caused serious damage, and most of the leaves were eaten.

24 hours after spraying: all cabbage worms died and without signs of life, the death rate reached 100%