Each year that passes brings spring, the season

by:BrightMart     2020-06-26
Termites do not enjoy exposing themselves to the elements so they will build tubes and structures that will peak above ground and they will even construct mud tubes on your foundation that will allow them passage into our home. Swarmers are termites that have grown wings, this is important because they will only expose themselves where there are active termites, if you find them or the remains of their wings in or around your home then you have an active termite infestation inside your neighborhood and steps should be taken to treat them as soon as possible. Termites will enter the home through cracks or gaps in the foundation, they will travel up the side of foundation using mud tubes, or they will go through cracks in concrete slabs. Termites have a major weakness, they need moisture and they need it on a regular basis, they cannot get it while they are in the wood, so they must go back to the soil regularly. Treating the soil immediately around your home with a termicide like Termidor is the most effective method. This requires digging a trench around your home next to the foundation. The trench is used to keep any chemicals you treat the soil with focused around your home, and gives the best penetration and protection. You will follow your pesticide's directions and fill the trench with an appropriate mixture of the solution you are using, the best insecticide contains fipronil, this chemical is very effective against termites. If you use a product like Termidor, it will protect your home for nearly ten years, and it will stop and kill termites remaining in your home. Having a concrete slab for your home's foundation makes it become far more difficult since the termites will be able to dwell under your home and get in through the cracks of your foundation (almost every concrete slab will develop cracks). You may need to use foaming agents as well, these will fill up the gaps between the slab and the soil, this might require drilling through the slab itself.
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