Effective seedling management for a bountiful cotton harvest

Cotton is a major crop that is widely grown all over the world. However, cotton growers face many challenges such as drought, disease, and pest infestations. As a result, improving cotton yield and resistance is an important task for cotton growers.
The seedling stage is crucial for a high cotton yield. During this stage, cotton seedlings are vulnerable to stress, so it's important to take proper measures and pay attention to ensure healthy growth. Growers must prevent damage caused by low temperatures and high-temperature scorching. They should also be vigilant against diseases and insect pests, as these can quickly compromise the health of the seedlings. Improper management during the seedling stage can lead to poor seedling, stunted growth, and uneven seedling development, all of which can negatively impact the Seedling growth.
Naphthyl acetic acid (NAA) is an important plant hormone that can significantly enhances crop growth and improves the water and nutrient absorption capacities of plants. Furthermore, NAA can also increases the stress tolerance of cotton and provides protection against the adverse effects of drought, diseases, and insect pests.
Generli (1-Naphthyl acetic acid   0.1%  AS)
1. Adding natural seaweed essence effectively promotes the utilization of nutrition and soil microbial activity, increasing crop yield and quality.
2. Recovery seedlings grow quickly with strong roots and a thick stem, effectively promoting crop resistance.
3. Oceanic active substances are more effectively utilized and absorbed by crops in the form of organic chelation, increasing chlorophyll content and enhancing photosynthesis, which is beneficial for increasing organic matter content and improving fresh weight.