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Due to high temperature and rain, weeds are growing rapidly in maize field, weeding should be done in time.
Nematodes attack more and more rice fields. The problem causing serious decline on the harvest.
Under the flourishing development of southern fruit industry, more growers began to grow dragon fruit. However, as the planting area continues to expand, the frequent occurrence of pest and disease is also increasingly prominent.
Because of an obvious increase of sunlight and rainfall from Start of Summer to the Grain Full, weeds grow so fast. If not taken seriously, it’s too late to do anything about the flourishing weeds.
Downy mildew is the most common and most harmful disease in production. It occurs in every planting area in China, especially in the rainy and humid seasons. It has the characteristics of great harm, rapid outbreak, and being difficult to be controlled, etc.
In recent years, with the optimization adjustment the of tobacco planting layout and the influence of atmospheric greenhouse effect. In China's major tobacco production areas, the damage area caused by tobacco root-knot nematode disease is increasing year by year.
Aimino can be applied to achieve high yield and increase crop resilience.
Roses are easily damaged by various pests. Following are some common pests of roses.
On November 21th 2019, ‘The Fifth Selection Conference for Pesticide Demonstration Enterprise and Excellent Pioneers’ was successfully held by China Crop Protection Industry Association. Our acaricide ‘Almiti PRO’ standing out from numerous products, highly complimented with award at ‘2019 Contribution Award’ for acaricide/miticide application dosage reducing and effect enhancing.
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