Every year countless number of people are diagnosed

by:BrightMart     2020-05-15
Lifestyle Changes If you have been diagnosed with having diabetes the first thing is not to panic but take it in your stride. Take it as a challenge and introduce some healthy changes in your life like if you are overweight start an exercise regimen to loose weight because obesity and diabetes is a dangerous combination which can cause other diseases to crop up. Also avoid eating foods which are rich in sugar content. Vegetables like bitter gourd and green vegetables have been found to be very effective for diabetes patients. Also apple is a great fruit for diabetics they only contain about 80 calories and have loads of nutrition stored in them. Also one more important thing is to keep your carbohydrates intake into check. Herbs That Curb Diabetes There are certain herbs mentioned in alternative form of treatment which have been found to be very effective in keeping blood glucose level in control. Like gymnema sylvestre is one such herb which lowers the amount of sugar body absorbs from intake of foods. Also it has been found to promote the pancreas to produce beta cells which are the major source of insulin. Other herbs like salacia oblonga and pterocarpus marsupium also act as great supplements to keep diabetes under check. Precautions It has been found that some people completely stop taking their prescription medicines when they switch to herbal medicines which is completely wrong because herbs take their own course of time to treat the patient so if you are taking herbal pills you can take them along with your regular medicines so that your health does not deteriote.
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