Filipino Agrochemical firm partners with Sumitomo Chemical of Japan

by:BrightMart     2020-03-06
Leading agricultural products company of Philippine agricultural chemical company(LAPC)
Working with Sumitomo Chemical(SCC)
Japan has allocated a weed control with a P1 billion --P1.
The market share of the rice industry is 5 billion.
As the Ministry of Agriculture (DA)
The position has been taken to support the Philippine rice self-help
LAPC and SCC believe that there is potential to expand the rice planting market.
\"Rice is a very important topic in the Philippines.
It used to be the world\'s largest importer of rice.
I mentioned that the opportunity for growth is huge, \"said Lawrence Yu, Singapore director of Sumitomo Chemical, at a press conference.
SCC has produced the herbicide Zita which it claims to be able to control the main weed types-grass, salsa and broad-leaf.
\"The potential of 6 to 10 tons of factory production will be realized.
If you don\'t kill weeds that compete for nutrition with rice, you won\'t be able to get the maximum potential of plants in terms of productivity.
The potential for output of up to 61% is lost.
If you lose 61%, our rice will never be enough . \"Malveda.
Effective weed control saves farmers a lot of money.
First, farmers no longer need to drain expensive water from the ground after applying the herbicide.
Even if there is water, Zetas can effectively control the growth of weeds by killing the roots until the leaves, while traditional weed control only attacks the leaves.
\"This will reduce labor costs, reduce the burden of weed control, bring economic benefits and increase rice production,\" Yu said . \".
For farmers, the first 10 to 45 days after the transplant or live broadcast is crucial.
Weeds and rice look very similar physically.
This makes it difficult for farmers to manually identify what to remove.
But Zetas one will only kill weeds and make rice grow healthily.
Competition from weeds undernourished rice plants, resulting in poor growth, dry leaves, reduced chlorophyll, and reduced dry matter in rice.
\"With the help of water, the herbicide is effectively absorbed by weeds.
\"It stops the cell division and growth of weeds,\" said David Alberto Lobo, managing director of SCC Singapore . \".
\"We are now conducting business trials in the Philippines to show how it can help farmers.
\"The practice of Filipino farmers is to apply two herbicides during rice planting-pre-or early and post-occurrence of plants and weeds.
But the savings here come from the fact that farmers only need to use the herbicide once before or early on.
\"Filipino farmers can save money and have more time with their families,\" Malveda said . \".
The herbicide has been evaluated by the Fertilizer and Pesticide Administration.
\"It must go through a strict Ping An insurance system before any crop protection product is introduced.
It should not have serious harmful effects on human beings and non-human beings.
Target creature
\"Companies have to generate millions of dollars to prove to consumers who eat rice that they will not be harmed by the residue,\" Lobo said . \".
SCC claims the lowest level of toxicity of zet1 to the environment.
It does not affect the beneficial earthworms, birds and fish.
Umeda Kimitoshi, general manager of Sumitomo International, said: \"It has been registered in Japan and has the strictest standards for fish toxicity worldwide . \".
There are ALS in the Zetas (
Acetate or acetoxy enzyme)
Inhibitor, which stops the action of an enzyme responsible for producing amino acid jingamine and another essential amino acid in weed growth.
It is considered a multi-amino acid inhibitor.
Earlier, weeds were also under control in Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.
SCC earlier co-distributed farm chemicals that were important to Philippine goods.
One of them is the pineapple plantation, Retain, a growth regulator that allows plants to blossom at the same time.
\"They have problems with the natural division of flowering, so they harvest at different times.
Keep it to control flowering.
So you can induce plant harvesting at the same time, \"Lobo said.
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