Fipronil is also used as the active ingredient

by:BrightMart     2020-07-17
Fipronil is considered to be a broad spectrum insecticide which disrupts the central nervous system of the insects. It blocks the passage of chloride ions through components of the central nervous system i.e. GABA receptors and glutamate-gatedchloride (GluCI) channels. This can cause hyperexcitation in the muscle as well as the nerves of the insects. It is a slow acting poison which is why it is used in flea and tick control products for pets. Fipronil for dogs and cats' flea and tick control products is often mixed with an oil carrier base which collects in the sebaceous glands of the skin and then it is slowly released. This insecticide is the main ingredient in Frontline, one of the most popular flea and tick control for cats and dogs. Generic Frontline spot on for dogs and Frontline spot on for cats Both the Frontline spot on for dogs as well as cats have Fipronil as its main ingredient. The Frontline spot on dogs comes in three packages meant for large, medium and small dogs since each size of the dogs levels of the chemicals that are used in used in there along with different dosage. Fipronil for cats and dogs is present in Frontline, thus it should be an obvious choice when it comes to treating your pets. At that time of the year when your cat or your dog is infested the most, especially during the spring season, it is best to treat them with a flea and tick control which has a proper insecticide and what can be better than Frontline spot on for cats as well as dogs. Frontline spot on for dogs is able to provide with your dog with the most complete spot on flea as well as tick protection. This preventative is a topical spot on which is applied for the treatment as well as the prevention of flea infestation and also ticks on dogs and puppies alike. This preventative also kills 98-100% of the adult fleas in your dog within 24 hours. It very effectively breaks the life cycle of the fleas and stops their development altogether. It should be kept in mind that your puppy should be at least 8 weeks old and should weigh at least 2 kg before you consider applying Frontline spot on. The same applies in terms of cats. It is only that apart from the kitten being 8 weeks old, it should be at least 1 kg weight. Thus, Frontline spot on for cats and dogs is suitable for,
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