For curly white leaves of rice, here is the good way to save them and stabilize the rice yield

According to the monitoring of crop growth stage, for double-cropping late rice in South China in the tillering to booting stage, and the middle rice is in the filling to maturity stage. The growth period and nutritional conditions are conducive to the feeding of leaf roller larvae, resulting in mottled leaves. When a large number of rice leaf rollers, it will affect the photosynthesis of plant leaves, and then reduce yield.

In order to promote the growth of late rice, it is recommended that growers do a good job in the management of water and fertilizer in the late rice field, monitor and prevent the diseases and pests of late rice. 
It is recommended to choose BrightMart Qibene® (Emamectin benzoate 2% + Chlorfenapyr 10% SC), apply 1500g for foliar spray or drone spray, and pay attention to alternating different insecticides, it will effectively delay pesticide resistance, avoiding and reducing the harm to the greatest extent.

Product features:

1. Two active ingredient compound, high-efficiency insecticidal performance with both quick killing and stomach poisoning.

2. It has strong permeability and has good killing effect on both surface pests and hidden pests.

3. A cost-effective insecticide for controlling Lepidoptera pests such as rice leaf roller, fall armyworm, prodenia litura and thrips.

Chlorfenapyr has stomach poisoning and contact killing effects, also has a certain systemic effect, can quickly kill pests, and has more advantages in killing pest at sight; Emamectin benzoate has stomach poisoning and contact killing effects, and shows a strong ovicidal effect , the combination of the two active ingredients can effectively control the damage of the rice leaf roller, with both quick and the long-term effect, the cost-effective advantage is more obvious