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'Fudebao', thiamethoxam insecticide protects crops against underground pests.

'Fudebao', thiamethoxam insecticide protects crops against underground pests.


In recent years, high-residues agrochemicals such as Phorate, Carbofuran, and Chlorpyrifos are prohibited or restricted due to their severe impact on environment or human health. Therefore, dealers, retailers and farmers are longing for other available and environmentally friendly agrochemicals for grub, cricket, and cutworm, etc.

According to data, current granule insecticides for are mainly composed of Neonicotinoids and Organophosphorus. However, the resistance of underground pests to organophosphorus granule insecticide has increased. In this case, to meet the increasing needs for resident insecticide products of grub, cricket, and cutworm, etc., BrightMart CropScience developed an integrated Thiamethoxam insecticide ‘Fudebao’ to protect crops against underground pests like grub, cricket, cutworm, wireworm, etc. Moreover, it can also provide effective control on a variety of pests, such as thrips, leaf miner, aphid, whitefly.

‘Fudebao’ provides high effect of controlling underground pests

Root maggot 

Other granules formulations are only attached to surface of carrier during coating process. However, ‘Fudebao’ is distributed in carrier evenly with a coating process.

This process, combined with high solubility and low molecular weight of Thiamethoxam, is more conducive to its stability and long-lasting effect.

In the crop seedling stage, soil application of ‘Fudebao’ can effectively control a variety of pests.

Leaf miner

Features of Thiamethoxam insecticide ‘Fudebao’

1. High-effect Thiamethoxam insecticide of controlling grub, cricket, cutworm, wireworm, etc. is released evenly and persistently.

2. Protects and regulate growth of plant stems and roots.

3. High conductivity through root, complete protection throughout whole plant.

4. Safe for corps and harmless to soil.

After the application of  ‘Fudebao’ the garlic on the right side has stronger roots and higher yields



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