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Written by joan lee faustyml 1990, this is a digital version of an article in The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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Although Golden Lotus has made yellow bells, there is still time to eliminate the summer nuisance before they appear.
However, these eradication actions must be done quickly, because the flowers are growing when spring comes.
The two weapons to be used now are pre-
Emergency weed control, working on dormant seeds and dormant oil sprays underground that suffocate insect eggs that winter on bark and branches. First the pre-
Emergency weed control: the theory behind this frontal attack is to prevent weed seeds from sprouting.
If the seeds sprout and the plants appear on the ground, it will be too late.
The gardeners can do it according to nature\'s own schedule.
The application time should be shortly after the forsythia flower begins to blossom, but before the lilac blooms.
Especially the weeds on the lawn, because the seeds are chemically controlled underground, there will never be a chance.
This type of weed control was the original conqueror of Ma Tang.
This lawn care is so effective that it is rare to see Ma Tang today, following good lawn management norms.
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Emergency chemicals can not only control Ma Tang, but also are very effective for germination of many other weed seeds.
The garden center usually sells goods only under the trade name, but it is important for home gardeners to know what the active ingredients are.
Some of these ads
The emergency chemicals to be found are: benefin (Balan), bensulide (Betasan)and siduron (Tupersan).
Tupersan only before
If any grass seeds are put down this spring, emergency chemicals that can be safely used.
Any other pre-
Emergency products stop the germination of grass seeds.
Many lawn products contain this pre-
Emergency control of weeds in the same package as fertilizer.
It is important to use a lawn hanger for accurate application.
You will then make sure to apply enough products to do well and provide the right amount of lawn fertilizer.
Research to stop weed seeds has been extended to the development of other products that can be used in utilities, flower beds, and pathways and walks in order to prevent weeds from being absorbed and controlled.
Preen is one of the most widely used products.
It has a small vibration-top containers.
The yellow crystals of Preen are sprinkled on the ground like salt and pepper on the steak.
Ideally, the material should be sprinkled on the ground before the rain, otherwise it should be watered.
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Emergency principles are included in similar products containing Surflan, known as weeds and grass-proof agents.
This liquid product can be applied with hose
Even after planting the seedlings, send the end sprayer to the garden.
The product will prevent weed seeds from sprouting and appearing on the ground, but will not control any weeds already on the ground.
Since the leaf buds on the trees are not yet open, there is still time to apply dormant oil spray to Hedges, pergolds and other woody plants to control any eggs for the winter.
Insects often plug eggs into the gaps in the bark, and one of the easiest ways to control them is to spray and suffocate them with dormant oil.
The use speed of oil spray is about 1-
Take a pint to the third in a gallon of water.
This spray is harmless to the environment, but the gardener must be careful to use an oil spray near the pond because the oil is toxic to fish.
Oil Spray contains oil and is ideal for eliminating fish scales, pinworms, whitef and red spiders.
The spray is also very good for woolly adelgid, which has always threatened the region\'s Hemlock.
In the research work of controlling the bat, Dr. Mark S.
McClure of the Agricultural Experimental Station in Connecticut, New Haven, said that as long as the spray is thorough, these furry animals are easy to control. Dr. advertising
McClure tested several pesticides, and two of the materials used with the least toxicity were insecticidal oil and soap.
He noted that \"when diluted with water and used as a spray, oil or soap covers the victim with a film, which hinders its ability to exchange air.
\"Oil spray can be used on plants later in the season, but not as serious as it is now.
Later this year, the amount of oil is about five tablespoons per gallon.
The most important reading when using any product is on the label.
Should read carefully and follow the instructions strictly.
They were put there for health and safety reasons.
A version of this article was printed on page LI12 of the National edition on April 1, 1990 with the title: gardening;
Act now to prevent weeds in the summer.
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