Germination is the process in which a spore or

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Requirements for the seeds to germinate The seeds need a proper combination of moisture, oxygen, temperature and light to germinate. The water content in the seeds activates the enzymes to initiate the process of germination. The seed absorbs water and expand. Then, the coat of the seed opens up to let the sprout or shoot to emerge. To activate the growth enzymes, correct temperature and oxygen are needed. Although many seeds do not require light to germinate, a few require light like begonias and lettuce, for instance. Germination temperature: Soil temperature varies from as high as 105 degrees F to as low as 32 degrees F. Perennials germinate between 60 and 65 degrees F while the annuals prefer 70 to 75 degrees F. Even though the temperature of the air may be within the right range, the growing medium's temperature might be too low and this condition may stop the seeds from germinating. You need to provide regulated heat under the tray which holds the seeds in order to increase the temperature to the appropriate level. Ensure you check the temperature of the growing medium with the help of a thermometer and if necessary, adjust the regulated heat. Moisture: The correct amount of moisture is vital in the process of germination. On the other side, too much water will create a breeding ground for diseases. So, add water to the growing medium before you plant a seed and mix it well so as to ensure the moisture level is optimal. After the seeds are planted, mist the soil lightly and using a plastic cover, wrap the container to prevent drying out. Ensure that the plastic does not come in contact with the top of the medium and watch out for condensation as it will cause breeding of mold. In order to avoid any possibility of diseases, you could use a chemical soil drench which is a fungicide that kill spores or use a medium that has been sterilized. Planting depth: You need to plant the seeds within the growing medium at the specified depths for the seeds to germinate. You will be able to find the information regarding the depth the seeds need to be planted on their package. If it is not mentioned, plant the seed 2 times deeper than their diameter. In case of extremely small seeds, you could just scatter them over the top of the growing medium. When to plant: You need to read the package of the seeds to determine when they should be sown. It will also mention when you need to keep them indoors and when to transfer them to the outside.
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