Getting rid of stink bugs in and around your home

by:BrightMart     2020-07-02
Preventative measures are always a good idea. Deal with the problem before it starts. Make sure that any and all cracks in your home are sealed with caulk or spray insulation. Spray insulation expands when applied so it will create a better barrier than the caulk. By closing these cracks up, you are closing the door on the stink bugs getting into your home. Remove weeds from around your home. If you have shrubs in your yard, be sure to treat them with an insecticide soap regularly. The soap will leave a residue on the leaves which the stink bug will not want anything to do with. If you have a garden, apply an insecticide when you plant. The stink bug nymphs will feed on certain seeds. When your garden starts to sprout, spray the plants with insecticide soap regularly and check leaves for egg clusters and adult stink bugs. If you treat the plants with the soap, this should not be an issue. If you have not executed a preventative plan, you may have to deal with an invasion when it happens. If an invasion does occur, follow the instructions described above before doing any of the following. Sealing up your home and removing any other forms of shelter and food should be the first thing on your list of things to do. Look around plants and shrubs for signs of stink bugs and eggs. If you find egg clusters, simply remove the leaf where you find them by gently breaking the leaf away from the stem. When you have completed your search, destroy the egg clusters by either smashing them or by burning the leaves. Treat all plants near your home or in your garden with insecticide soap to act as a stink bug repellant. Remove any weeds or unwanted plants which may be growing close to your home and/or garage. If you see any cracks in the outside walls, seal them immediately. If the stink bugs have entered your home, vacuum them up and throw them away. This may take several sessions.
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