Gout is a disease that results when crystals of

by:BrightMart     2020-05-10
For nearly a century, many physicians worldwide have studied thousands of compounds in search of remedies that may help patients suffering from gout. Typically, when a person was diagnosed with this condition, doctors will automatically prescribed traditional drugs like Allopurinol, Colchicine, Indomethacin and Prednisone. These drugs can help alleviate painful gout attacks. However, recent studies showed that used of these prescription drugs can cause serious side effects and toxicity such as diarrhea, bone loss, inflammation of the blood vessels, weakening of the immune system, cataracts and even death in high dosages. On the other hand, did you know that there are numerous natural gout treatments available in the market today that have been shown to be safe and effective in many natural health studies? In fact, these gout treatments were actually 100 percent natural herbal blend that is clinically proven to be safe to take, with no known serious side effects from any of the herbal ingredients. Aside from treating gout, these natural ingredients can also help improve the overall well-being of anyone. Believe it or not, water therapy is the most natural remedy that can greatly assist in the prevention and treatment of uric acid crystals formation. Actually, water can help cleanse different kind of toxins in the body. Remember that gout is commonly caused by underexcretion of urate, which is the salt of uric acid. Drinking at least ten tall glasses of water a day can help your body to eliminate the crystals once they have formed. Celery Seeds is another natural gout treatment that is used primarily as a diuretic, any substance that elevates the rate of urination and thus provides a means of forced water elimination. Moreover, celery seed is also suggested for treating arthritis because it can help reduce muscle spasms, calm the nerves and reduce inflammation. Dietary food supplements like vitamin C can also help lower uric acid levels and prevent acute gout attack.
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