Head lice are parasitic, wingless insects. They

by:BrightMart     2020-05-17
Head lice can sometimes be awkward to treat due to their high infestation rate and their ability to develop resistance to traditional insecticides contained in some medications. Head lice have not developed immunity to the newer silicone and oil based medications as they have a physical rather than chemical action on the lice. Head lice treatment can be done at home using a head lice comb or a medicated lotion. The wet -combing method involves removing the lice by combing the hair using a special fine-toothed comb with a spacing of less than 0.3mm. Your pharmacist is able to advise you on the combs that are suitable. You do not need to use medicated products if you use the wet-combing method. The success of the wet-combing method depends on how painstaking you are in your approach and this involves regular and thorough combing. The time it will take depends on the length of the hair and the type of hair. Short hair can be combed in a few minutes whereas long hair will take longer to comb. Using a medicated lotion or spray is an alternative method to treating head lice. No medicated treatment is 100% effective and your pharmacist will be able to recommend an over the counter lotion or spray. Medicated treatments should only be used is living (moving) lice are found. Make sure you have enough of the spray or lotion to treat the whole family and use enough to coat the scalp and the full length of the hair during each application. The usual advice is to treat once and then repeat after 7 days. Some medications will include a comb to comb out the dead lice and eggs. Check for baby lice hatching from their eggs three to five days after you use the product and again 10-12 days after that. A minimum of two treatments is needed to kill the lice over the hatching period because lotions and sprays do not always kill the louse eggs. Always make sure you get professional advice from a healthcare professional before you purchase and use and head lice medication. This is even more necessary for the following groups of people:
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