Head Lice. Everyone has had them or dealt with

by:BrightMart     2020-06-26
Well we found out fairly quickly after a call to the pharmacy where the pharmacist informed us that head lice actually prefer clean hair, but will live anywhere. Dirty hair just makes it a little harder to move around that's all. This is followed by the mandatory over the counter treatment of the day which is almost certainly a pesticide based preparation. Commercial head lice treatments often come as shampoos or lotions with pesticides or chemicals that kill adult lice, hatchlings, and their eggs or nits. Most of these shampoos contain pediculocides such as organophosphates (malathion), organochlorines (lindane), pyrethroids (bio-allethrin, phenothrin, permethrin), and pyrethrins (pyrethrum). However, only malathion and lindane are FDA-approved agents for treatment of head lice. Mechanical removal of head lice entail the use of a fine-tooth metal comb that can easily pick out the lice when used firmly on the head. The operation should start from the hair root and then gradually reach the hair end. Plastic combs can also serve the purpose to some extent but the spacing between the plastic teeth usually spreads out after a couple of uses. Follow instructions to the letter after reading through them carefully. I've not only found that people will go to extraordinary lengths to get rid of lice (by applying dangerous treatments such as motor oil or bleach), they would throw caution to the wind when it came to using potentially dangerous chemical products as well. The first and easiest method is the use of a nit comb (this can be purchased from your local pharmacy). Shampoo the hair as per normal and then condition it. With the conditioner still in the hair section the hair. Start passing the nit comb through the hair until you have done the whole head. Repeat the process a few times until there are no head lice or eggs evident. Head louse is not an infectious disease though it is very contagious because anybody can have it through direct contact with the infested individual. Treat the whole house area as well and wash all things which came in contact to people with head lice like bedding, blanket and other linens. Start cleaning your homes by stripping all the bedding and linens; wash them in hot water and bleach. Lindane is a chemical that has been used both as an agricultural insecticide and as a pharmaceutical treatment for lice. In humans, lindane affects the nervous system, liver and kidneys, and may be a carcinogen. Its international trade is restricted and regulated and its production and use have been banned in 2009 under the Stockholm Convention.
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