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by:BrightMart     2020-07-21
Cockroach Control Measures While there are many different methods used to control them, it is now recommended to go for integrated approach. This means an approach which avoids the excessive use of any one method such as insecticide use only but tries to combine one or more method to fully combat this problem. This can also provide maximum desirable results within minimal input and efforts. It also enables us to prevent environmental pollution with toxic chemical as well as development of insecticide resistance. The various methods of cockroach control can be studied under following classification. Anti-Nymph Measures Anti-Adult Measures Health Education Anti-Nymph Measures The most important step in reducing the number of cockroaches or totally set them aside is to eliminate their breeding places. This source reduction comprises sanitation. Cockroaches usually reside areas around food, water and garbage. So cleaning, sweeping and vacuuming of the place should be carried out. Food should be kept in roach proof containers. Water pipes and taps should be insulated and repaired. By depriving them from food and water, no cockroach will survive. Sealing of holes, nooks, pipes, cracks or the places where they are infested, also enables them not to live. Various kinds of chemicals are used to control their growth. These chemicals act to kill their eggs and nymph and therefore do not allow them to become adult. Anti-Adult Measures Adult cockroaches are commonly and easily controlled by spraying houses with residual insecticide. Spray can be done about 12 inches onto cockroaches or the surfaces where they crawl or hide. Allow to dry the place before touching. Ivory sprays are also effective home made remedy use in cockroach control. Chemicals may involve use of boric acid, pyrethroids and various others that provide effective approach toward cockroach elimination. These can be sprinkled in the areas that are infested and such areas should not be touched. Now such chemicals are easily assessable which are free of health hazards. Beer and coffee along with soaked bread also prove beneficial in controlling them. Baking powder can also kill the cockroaches. One of the methods, not highly recommended but effective in cockroach control is the use of gecko, which is a kind of lizard, and the chicken. They feed on the cockroaches and eliminate them from your home. Cockroaches' baits can be used at the sites of their living. Cockroaches are attracted to the baits and then trapped in them. By following these measures, we will be proactive in protecting us from cockroaches' harmful effects and diseases caused by cockroaches. Health Education It is difficult to achieve cockroach control without the willing cooperation of people. Awareness should be created amongst people through health education. It is only through health education that people can be motivated to get rid of the cockroaches permanently.
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