Heat stroke also known as sun stroke, is a condition

by:BrightMart     2020-05-17
It's a condition which needs immediate treatment from a doctor. Any delay in treatment can lead to brain damage, shock and even death in worst cases. In the mean time when medical treatment can be made available, the person suffering from heat stroke can be given certain home remedies can be taken to avoid grave consequences. Some of the home remedies of heat stroke are: 1. Onion juice is first thing person should be applied immediately after the heat stroke. Person with a heat stroke should be given a mixture of roasted chopped onion with sugar and cumin seed powder mixed in an open pan on heat. Such a paste should be applied to the area behind ears and on the chest. 2. Drinking Basil leaves juice extracted and mixed with sugar is yet another home remedy for heat stroke. 3. One of popular heat stroke home remedy is made with raw mangoes. Raw mangoes are boiled and then soaked in cold water. Pulp of these raw mangoes is to be mixed with cumin seeds, salt, jiggery, pepper and coriander along with some water. This mixture can be consumes 3-4 times to avoid symptoms of heat stroke. 4. Coconut milk grinded is yet another product useful at the time of heat stroke. Coconut milk mixed along with black peppercorns become like a paste which can be applied to parts of body to give cooling to the part and treating heat stroke. 5. One can have buttermilk with little salt also as a remedy to cure heat stroke. Butter milk is very helpful and should be consumes as well as applied to the body. 6. Plums soaked in water and mashed in water can be consumed before sleeping for healing heat stroke and avoiding its symptoms. 7. One of the simple home remedy of heat stroke is made with coriander leaves. Take coriander juice and drink it after mixing with little sugar added to it to help in symptoms arising from heat stroke. 8. Boil some water and add little tamarind in it. After it gets strains person suffering from heat stroke should take is twice to control the body temperature. Since prevention is always better than cure, all these things like raw mango juice, onion, buttermilk etc can be included in daily lifestyle eating and drinking habits during summer time especially for the people who have to face the sun a lot and those who remain in field for a long time. Having these things avoid the possibility of a person to get a heat stroke.
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