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High-effect fruit fly insecticide 'Puke'

High-effect fruit fly insecticide 'Puke'


Fruit fly affects crops seriously. Fruit fly adults generally are acting actively during the day, especially from 1pm to 4 pm in the afternoon, and stop actions after dark falls. Fruit fly adults usually are active at temperature between 21~30°C and acting more actively on sunny days than cloudy days, and barely acting in rainy days. In case of high temperature, they often find shelter in the shade, such as the shady side of leaves. Spawning begins in mid-April and it is a most serve period from May to August.

Fruit fly adults use the ovipositor to penetrate skin of fruits to spawn eggs. After the larva hatching, the fruit fly larvae drill into fruits to feed. Then damaged fruits turn yellow, stinky and rotting. What’s worse, maggots creep inside, causing fruit falling.




Methods of prevention and control of Fruit fly - before spawning.

Agricultural control measures:

Remove and collect the damaged fruits and falling fruits on time. Concentrate on deep burial, flooding or incineration, or pour them into plastic vats containing pesticide liquids, and seal them tightly to kill the Larva.


Chemical control measures:

In the period of adult emergence and spawning, it is a critical period of spraying fruit fly insecticide 'Puke'. It is necessary to unify the spraying time, combined with the prevention and control of other pests and diseases. Meanwhile implement the whole garden spraying to prevent fruit fly from laying eggs.


Features of ‘Puke’

1. Unique inducing technology for luring fruit fly.

2. Knock down fruit fly by both contact and stomach poison.

3. Fast knock-down.

4. Prevent fruit fly to laying eggs.

5. Safe for plant and fruits.


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