How long can demon insecticide be used?
BrightMart CropScience branded insecticide has a longer service life compared to that of different brands. Since the productivity and sustainability of our business are based on the operation of the merchandise we attach great Importance for their lifespan and reliability. With technology capacity, we always search for greater reliability for our goods and lessen the risk of expensive failures.

The big development of BrightMart makes it at the forefront in the field of fruits insecticide. BrightMart's rice insecticide series include multiple types. The design of BrightMart aphid insecticide begins with a thorough water analysis. It is carried out by our designers who take water operating parameters (flow, temperature, pressure,etc.) into considerations. Its long-lasting residual control reduces the need to respray. The product is easy to process and easily meets the comfort and distinct personality by adding printed images to it. It is compatible with various water qualities and calcium-containing nitrogen fertilizers.

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