How to choose pesticide during the flowering and fruiting stages of tomato

The growers are most concerned about fruit quality, in order to make sure the quality of tomatoes, the following two things should be done:

Keep tomatoes free from disease, promote the growth and photosynthesis of tomato, which is beneficial to the expansion and health of the fruit.

Extend the harvest period, storage period and shelf life of tomatoes.

It is recommended to apply the following products from BrightMart.

For Bacterial diseases:
Coppro (Oligosaccharins 2% + Oxine-copper 33% SC)

Coppro is a excellent cop based fungicide, together with oligosaccharins it gives high control and preventive effect on viral ,fungal and bacterial diseases.

1. With oligosaccharins, the product not only boosts the growth of plants, but also stimulates and improves the resistance to diseases. Combining with oxine-copper to get protection effect, it is more effective to prevent plants from diseases.
2. With excellent safety to crop, it can be used at all stages of the crop.
3. It has a wide bactericidal spectrum. Therefore, it has not only has a very good preventive effect on fungal and bacterial diseases, but also a good preventive effect on viral diseases and nematodes.

For Fungal diseases:
Leapyra (Pyraclostrobin 25% + Fluopyram 25% SC)

This product has the function of disease prevention and leaf protection, extending the harvesting period, storage period and shelf freshness period of crops, protecting crops from fungal diseases for a long time, improving tomato quality.

Product features:
1. The unique "flexible" chain structure reduces the pesticide resistance.
2. It can absorb N, C, Ca and other elements and produce protein, and increase production significantly.
3. The waxy layer settles and redistributes, and the effective period is as long as 30 days.
4. It has dual functions of protection and treatment, and is safe and easy to use.

Recommended usage techniques:

During the tomato climbing period, early flowering period and fruit harvesting period, spray this product for prevention and protective disease once each.

Spray with 1500-2000 times dilution of the product.