How to control root-knot nematodes? A new nematicide comes to help!

Root-knot nematodes have been a persistent challenge for many experienced growers for a long time. Despite their efforts to prevent nematode damage each year, they still result in significant losses in the end.
Currently, the damage caused by root-knot nematodes is becoming increasingly severe due to improper fertilization, continuous replanting, and growing soil acidification problems.
Next, let's examine the symptoms of root-knot nematode damage on various crops:
Nematode damage on vegetables
Nematode damage on gingers
Nematode damage on tobaccos
This is just a small part of the harm caused by root-knot nematodes, which impact over 2000 types of crops. These nematodes damage the roots of crops, reducing their ability to absorb water and essential nutrients, leading to decreased crop quality and yield, and even the possibility of significant crop failure.
Growers are recommended to choose "Ligenda" to control root-knot nematodes. It is a new-generation, multi-functional nematicide with a high level of safety and long-lasting effect. "Ligenda" can effectively kill nematodes and improve the root system health of crops.
Legenda (Abamectin 1%   GR)
1. Select an organic matter carrier from plant sources. After application, it can balance the acidity and alkalinity of the soil, improve soil quality, and the granules can completely degrade, providing the nutrients needed for crops.
2. Rich in various amino acids, humic acid, and other biostimulants, as well as N, P, and K elements, to provide essential nutrients for crops and promote root growth.
3. High contact killing activity and good nematode control effect: The active ingredient uses abamectin B2 with a high contact killing activity, which quickly kills nematodes in the soil, reduces the pest population base, and protects the health of crop roots from the seedling stage.
4. Select 2-3mm granules for uniform size, comparable to fertilizer granule size. It mixed with fertilizer will not sink to the bottom and is suitable for machine sowing and drone application.
5. Using slow-release technology, its effect can last for 2 to 3 months. One application can control root nematodes for long period. 
6. It does not damage roots and does not harm seedlings, making it safe for crops and can be used at all growth stages.
Application: Soil treatment, hole application, strip application, furrow application, and ridge application, at a rate of 50kg/ha.