How to control the flea beetles on vegetables?

Flea beetles are one of the main pests on vegetables. The tropical climate is more conducive to the propagation, activity and damage of flea beetles. In tropical areas, vegetables can grow all year round, so flea beetles have enough food, causing great losses in vegetable growth. Even in November, it is still in the peak period of flea beetle, in order to avoid the outbreak of flea beetle and damage the growth of vegetables, pesticide should be sprayed in time. At the same time, growers should pay attention to spray different types of insecticides to avoid the resistance.
Product features:
1. Add penetrating agent to quickly penetrate the shell of flea beetles.
2. Good knockdown effect, within half an hour, flea beetles fall off the leaf onto the ground, and die within 1 hour.
3. Broad-spectrum, in addition to the excellent control effect of flea beetles, it is also effective to kill aphids, whiteflies, underground pests, leek maggots etc.
4. Excellent combination of lambda-cyhalothrin and clothianidin, with high safety for crops, environmentally-friendly, low-toxicity and no-residue.

Recommended usage and dosage:
Dilute 20ml-30ml with 15L water, spray the leaves evenly.