How to improve the vegetable quality and yields in early spring

In early spring, circumstances such as fewer sunlight, low temperature, high rainfall, and high humidity creates serious damage for vegetable planting. Careless management is easy to reduce yields and cause serious economic losses. 
How to manage scientifically to grow high-quality and high-yield vegetables in early spring?
1. Selection of excellent varieties: When selecting varieties of vegetables, choose high-quality varieties with strong adaptability and strong disease resistance, which will help increase yields of vegetables.
2. Timely transplanting: The transplanting time is determined according to the type of vegetables and the stubble arrangement. After transplanting, appropriate watering should be carried out, and hole plugging should be done well.
3. Ensure sufficient sunlight: Sunlight condition is one of the important factors affecting vegetable yield, providing suitable temperature, sunlight, air humidity and other good growing conditions.
4. Reasonable fertilization: Do not apply too much nitrogen fertilizer at the seedling stage, so as not to reduce the cold resistance of the plant. According to the growth of vegetables, reasonable control of water and fertilizer to ensure the smooth growth of vegetables, and pay attention to the combination of brassinolide, amino acid fertilizer and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.
5. Strengthen prevention and control of pests and diseases: In spring, vegetable pests and diseases often occurred include aphids, cabbage moths, viral diseases, downy mildew and soft rot disease, etc., which should be prevented and controlled as soon as possible.
Frusome (Diethyl aminoethyl hexanoate 7.99% + 
14-hydroxylated brassinosteroid 0.01%) SL
Product Features:
1. Natural source: Extracted and prepared with pollen as raw material, high safety, low toxicity and pollution-free.
2. Higher activity: Good compatibility with plants, crop absorption and utilization rate is higher.
3. The best combination: Excellent compound of brassinolide and diethyl aminoethyl hexanoate, the effect is outstanding.
4. Top secret formula: Specially added synergistic ingredients to stimulate the potential of crops.
Product Advantages:
1. Improve crop cold resistance and stress resistance.
Frusome has the function of inducing resistance, producing more defensive enzymes, improving immunity, and enhancing stress resistance. It has been proved that the use of Frusome has higher crop stress resistance and can reduce frost damage in cold and low temperature environment.
2. Increase crop pollination, full fruits, more fruits.
Frusome can improve plant photosynthetic rate, improve peroxidase and nitrate reductase activities, promote carbon and nitrogen metabolism, enhance plant absorption of water and fertilizer and dry matter accumulation, effectively promote crop pollination, accelerate the absorption of fertilizer, promoting more fruits and plump fruits.
3. Promote flowering and protect flowers, protect and strengthen fruits.
Frusome can regulate hormone balance in plants, promote flower bud differentiation, protect flowers and prevent falling fruit.
Field Trial:
Crop: Bitter melon
Dosage: 4000 times dilution
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