How to Prevent and Control Fruit Flies in Spring?

Fruit flies belong to the Tephritidae family of Diptera, consist of many species. They have a wide range of hosts and varied diets, and they can damage various fruit trees, cucurbits and vegetables. 
They have a strong reproductive capacity, according to relevant reports, under suitable conditions, they can breed more than ten generations in a year, adult fruit flies are attracted to sweet scent and yellow color.
The adult fruit flies lay eggs under the skin of fruits, and the hatched larvae cause damage inside of fruits. After the larvae mature, they drill out from the damaged area and fall into the soil layer within a range of 10cm to pupate. After pupation, they emerge as adult fruit flies, mate and lay eggs, and continue to cause damage in a cycle.
Fruit flies mainly damage many types of fruits such as pears, persimmons, cherries, pomegranates, and peaches, as well as cucurbits such as pumpkins and luffas.
The fruits and cucurbits that have been laid with eggs do not show obvious symptoms of damage in the short period. However, but as the eggs hatch into larvae, their damage becomes severe. The surface of damaged fruit will appear slightly wet rot and sunken, and its color will be slightly darker than normal, with a dim and non-glossy appearance. In the later stages, the damaged fruits will rot, lose their edible and economic value, and this will affect the fruit quality and sales.
The recent climate of drought, little rainfall, and rising temperatures provides favorable conditions for the reproduction of fruit flies. If not controlled on time, the outbreak of fruit flies can cause a large number of luffa fruits to fall.
When luffa enters the growth stage of flowering and fruiting, it is also the period when adult fruit flies begin to eclosion and lay eggs. It is recommended that growers should choose Xpertise - a safe and efficient insecticide, which can kill both adult fruit flies and eggs.
Xpertise (Abamectin 0.4% + Beta-cypermethrin 4.8% EC)
Product features:
1. Unique attractive substance formula with strong contact killing and high efficiency stomach poison.
2. Quick kill of adult fruit flies and prevent egg-laying damage.
3. Prevent fruit drop and protect the harvest.
4. High safety, low toxicity, no peculiar smell, and harmless to flowers and fruits.
Trial results:
Crop: Luffa
Target: Fruit flies
Dosage: Spray on leaf with 1000 times dilution of Xpertise
The blank control group              The treatment group
The blank control group              The treatment group