How to prevent and control underground pests in sugarcane planting?

There are different kinds of sugarcane underground pests, with high population density and long-term serious damage sugarcane cultivation. They hide in soil for a long time to harm sugarcane, if growers do not take effective control measures, it will cause uneven seedling growth, lack of seedlings and ridge breaking, which will seriously affect the yield of sugarcane.

Due to the long growth cycle of sugarcane, it is suggested that growers give priority to choosing high-efficiency and long-lasting insecticides, ensure the underground pests are quickly killed, and at the same time, the sugarcane will be protected from underground pests in later growth.

SXD (Bifenthrin 0.5% + Clothianidin 0.5%) GR

Product features:

1. Compound with two classic insecticides, more effective.

2. Select high-quality organic matter carriers, prevent pests and increase yields.

3. Broad spectrum, and with outstanding control effect on underground pests such as grubs, mole crickets, and small weevils.

4. One application, multiple effects, saving labor and time.

Product advantages:
1. Use high-quality organic matter carriers that can balance acid-base and improve soil quality to help crops prevent and control underground pests, while resisting diseases and fixing nitrogen to improve crop quality.

2. The organic matter carriers are rich in various amino acids and nutrient elements of NPK needed by crops, which can improve the quality and yield of crops.

3. Using slow-release material coating technique, the effect is balanced and stable.

4. Under the same weight, the number of granules is 1.2-1.3 times that of other common granules product, which is more conducive to uniform spreading and full coverage.

5. The size of granule is moderate, suitable for fertilizer mixing or machine sowing.

6. Double effect of contact-kill and systemic absorption, quick-acting and long-lasting control of underground and above-ground pests


Application method:
Spread 60~90 kg/ha to control underground pests