How to Quickly Prevent and Control Downy Mildew Disease?

Downy mildew disease (Oomycetes) is a common disease that affects the growth of fruits and cucurbits, posing a serious threat to their cultivation, early prevention and treatment are crucial. Today, we recommend an excellent fungicide that can effectively prevent and control downy mildew and blight diseases (Oomycetes), making it easy to deal with downy mildew on fruits and cucurbits.
Lianasu is a new broad-spectrum fungicide specially developed for prevention and control of downy mildew and blight diseases. Its active ingredients are the combination of Oxathiapiprolin and Mancozeb, and it has better therapeutic effects than the combination of Metalaxyl-M and Mancozeb, or Famoxadone and Mancozeb, also Lianasu has excellent preventive and control efficacy for oomycetes diseases.
This product has a broad-spectrum fungicidal effect, long-term control effects, and high efficacy for downy mildew and blight diseases on crops such as cucumbers, tomatoes, grapes, potatoes, and yams. 
Lianasu (Oxathiapiprolin 0.6% + Mancozeb 60% WG)
Product features:
1. Dual mode of action with multiple target sites that can slow down the development of resistance in the pathogen, and has no cross-resistance with other pesticides.
2. It can effectively inhibit spore germination and protect new tissue.
3. Excellent systemic conductivity.
4. Fast-acting and resistant to rain wash.
5. Wide application period, effective at all stages of crop disease.
Trial results
Crop: Cucumber
Dosage: 2400ml/ha
Target: Downy mildew disease
The treatment group                The control group with other fungicide