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by:BrightMart     2020-05-11
Any reputable company selling hydroponic nutrients and other products has a research arm that is continually searching for better solutions and introducing improved products. This means that there is a wealth of information embedded in the company. The best suppliers have experts available to answer your questions. You should make full use of this facility. The questions that growers most often ask hydroponic suppliers involve the symptoms of nutrient deficiency. Yellow-green leaves This symptom points to a nitrogen deficiency. Other symptoms include restricted foliage growth and the production of stunted or small fruit. A good liquid fertilizer should supply the plant with enough nitrogen to correct the deficiency. (A deficiency of sulphur displays some of the same symptoms in plants so bear this mind.) Narrow leaves, restricted growth and small fruit This phenomenon points to a phosphorus deficiency. The leaves may remain glossy but are misshapen and usually this symptom is seen in the cooler months. Fortunately nutrient hydroponic supplies have perfectly balanced elements for your plants' needs. Bronzing of leaves, red spots, interveinal and marginal yellowing A lack of potassium leads to the leaves of your plants bronzing. Red spots may be visible on the older leaves as well as yellowing along the veins and margins. Potassium deficiency is not easy to correct as high or low levels affect the nitrogen uptake. The extent of the potassium deficiency is therefore related to the amount of nitrogen in the growing medium and the liquid fertilizer you are using. If you are uncertain whether your plants do have a potassium imbalance, ask an expert at a hydroponic supplies firm for advice. Yellow-green chlorotic colour between leaf veins Plants exhibiting this symptom are probably short of magnesium, which is relatively mobile in plants and ten to show up on the older leaves. Capsicums are particularly susceptible to this deficiency: the fruits are small and sparse. Yellowing of leaf margins, brown and sunken areas in leaves These are symptoms of calcium deficiencies. These can be corrected in various ways. Consult an expert at your hydroponic supplies company. Young leaves go yellow, interveinal yellowing near base of older leaves, blackened root tips These are the symptoms of iron deficiencies in plants and are quite common. Iron is not very mobile and therefore the young leaves display the symptoms the most. A good nutrient formula, obtainable from reputable hydroponic supplies companies, will be sufficient for the needs of most plants. A good formulation is a delicate blend of basic salts and trace elements which interact to produce optimum foliage, flowering and fruiting. Hydroponic experts will be able to offer additional nutrition advice depending on the crop, e.g. tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, etc. and may advise the use of an additional liquid fertilizer.
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