If you want to plant peach trees in your orchard

by:BrightMart     2020-06-10
EarliGrandeDixielandFlorida KingElbertaLoringLa FelicianaTex-KingBelle of Georgia Take note that different varieties have different degrees of hardiness and susceptibility to diseases. Most fruit treevarieties are susceptible to cold or frost in early fall or spring. This can destroy flower buds, leaf buds, and limbs. Growing Conditions Peach trees thrive in sandy loam to loamy soils though they can still do well in other types of well drained soils. The soil pH should be somewhere between 6.5 and 7 and should also be adjusted after soil tests just before planting. Trees require full exposure to sunlight throughout the day. Planting the Tree The best time for planting tree is early spring between Aril and May when the soil is dry to work on. Depending on the weather, the trees can be planted temporarily in a shady spot before they are moved to the orchard. Long or broken root tips should be trimmed off. The trees should be spaced 10 to 18 feet from each other and the roots should be moist at the time of planting. The hole should be refilled gently and the soil around the base should be raised higher than adjacent areas to prevent water logging. Fertilizer should be applied after 3 weeks once the soil has settled, but if fertility is high, then you don't need to apply fertilizer in the 1st year. Pruning and Thinning Trees Trees have to be pruned and trained annually preferably in April so that they can develop and retain the desired size and shape. Remove diseased leaves or excessive branches to allow light to penetrate. Thinning should also be done to ensure good fruit size and good fruit quality.Fruit trees take up to 3 years before they start producing fruit. Pest and Disease control Some of the common periodic diseases that affect the fruit tree include the peach leaf curl and fox brown root disease. The former can be controlled by application of Carbamate or foxed copper just before leaves bud while the latter is controlled by spraying the tree with a fungicide like Captan or Immunox.
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